Commit, move forward, persevere and perform...

You are well between decision makers.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a decision maker, the life of your company is not linear, it is not a sprint but a marathon. Define your plan, be enduring, remain patient, while being able to move forward and fight to win: this is our vision of a leader and the accompaniment of a business law firm ready to support him, until success.


Strategic partner of the decision maker, the manager and the investor, capable of providing solutions to their most simple as well as their most complex challenges.


This may not be the definition of the Larousse, but it's ours.


Driven by a resolutely transversal vision of legal practice, Aublé, a French independent law firm, designs tailor-made support for its clients, capable of integrating all their legal needs (corporate, employment, tax, etc.) and intervening both in advice, defense and negotiation. 

Our goal? To give you all the means necessary to achieve your ambitions, to be at your side to help you meet the challenges and seize the opportunities throughout the life of your company.  

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Entrepreneurship is a cycle. Understanding yours is our business.


Ready to make your ambitions a reality?

  • Structuring the business model
  • Social Protection (PSC)
  • Compensation
  • Contractual architecture
  • Tax structuring
  • Risk management
  • Supervision of relations between partners
  • Legal, fiscal and social feasibility

Operations & Legal project management

The partner to challenge your business

  • Contract management
  • Social law and management of social relations
  • Strategic negotiation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Tax strategy and anticipation
  • Pre-litigation, mediation, litigation
  • Distribution contracts
  • Employee profit-sharing plan
  • Negotiation of tax clauses

Capital operations & Corporate development

With you, to conquer new heights

  • M&A
  • International development & parentage
  • Investor Relations
  • Joint venture & Alliance
  • Fundraising
  • Management package
  • Transfer of companies
  • Build ups

Turnaround, Transformation and Crisis

In difficult times, the important thing is to set the right course

  • Diagnosis of the situation and recommendations
  • Tax audit and litigation
  • Distress M&A
  • Litigation Business Law
  • Negotiations with creditors
  • Restructuring agreements, safeguard and recovery plans
  • URSSAF control
  • Litigation

And for you,
investment funds

Aublé has developed a specific expertise and support dedicated to investment funds and their expectations. With a wide range of experience in private equity, our lawyers are the ideal coordinators to ensure the success of your transactions.

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